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Niche Hot Sales-generator

Niche Hot Sales-generator

  • Wednesday, 16 August 2023
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Niche Generator Sets

Sales in USA

EPA Available for USA 
EU5 Available for Euro

3529 units sold every 30 days. 

Who would pay a high price for Inverter Generator?    
1, Customers need a portable generator for camping...
2, Customers who owned an RV  for the journey...
3. Backup power solution demand in the garage against power breaks during Snowstorms and hurricanes.

There is a huge demand based on gasoline inverter generators in the USA.

What's more important, It is heavy oversize equipment with high value, it makes other Chinese seller competitors away from this field.
Left you nice margin and low-level Competition Segment
Plant for Refer Generator Production.
Margin 230%
Price UK 1899.99
Price China 810.00
Trouble-Free Quality
Suppliers Behind #black&decker #kings #patriot #hyundai #chaimpionpowerequipment #madeinchina 
Business To Business Only
No Retail (Pls do not contact us for personal demand!)
Solo de empresa a empresa
Sin venta minorista (¡Por favor, no se comunique con nosotros por demanda personal!)

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