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  • PTS Pro Tool Solution Grease Gun Coupler Quick Connect Attachment, Locked and Sealed Up to 10,000 PSI, Universal Fit for Manual, Battery, and Pneumatic Tools

PTS Pro Tool Solution Grease Gun Coupler Quick Connect Attachment, Locked and Sealed Up to 10,000 PSI, Universal Fit for Manual, Battery, and Pneumatic Tools

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Flamingo Tools

Locked and Sealed Leak-Resistant Fitting – The PTS Pro Tool Solution universal grease gun coupler was designed with reinforced jaws and an enhanced gasket seal to ensure it won’t leak even with extreme pressures up to 10,000 PSI.

Precision Engineering and Design – Utilizing 6th generation technology our quick connect grease gun coupler boasts a 1 7/6” reach, 5/8” OD similar to traditional couplers, and versatility enough to support all your on-the-job needs.

Simple Hands-Free Operation – Designed to work seamlessly with grease shielded PTO shafts, axles, harvester heads, U-joints, and other recessed grease fittings once the coupler is locked into a Zerk fitting it stays locked in to free up both hands.

Adjustable 360° Swivel Handle – Designed to give you more control over standard grease couplers with stiff springs we offer the best grease gun coupler for greasing up tight spaces. Vital for working with in compact areas in vehicles or equipment.

  • When you’re working with thick grease you don’t want to make a mess because it can make the job a lot harder, especially if you’re working in tight spaces or with vehicles or equipment that rely on accuracy. That’s why we developed the PTS Pro Tool Solution Grease Gun Coupler that not only works with all types of manual, pneumatic, and battery grease guns but provides a leak-resistant fitting even with extreme pressures. Easy to attach, release, and reuse on any 1/8” NPT fitting it’s the perfect choice for mechanics and machinists who need the right tool for the job.

  • Product Details:
  • Grease Gun Coupler (6th Generation)
  • Universal Grease Gun Attachment
  • Supports Manual, Battery, and Pneumatic Guns
  • Fits All 1/8” NPT Fittings
  • Leak Resistant, Easy Attach Design
  • Prevents Leaks Up to 10,000 PSI

Recent Reviews ( 5 )
I have a mini excavator that needs greasing on a regular basis . This fitting in concert with a power grease gun is the way to go. It reaches thouse fittings tucked away in hard to get places unless you manipulate the controls and it stays connected. This unit is well worth it!
Cheap at twice the price! "Good" doesn't quite do it! This is a treasure of a tool. Working on excavators and tractors where you're having to reach awkward places can be cramp inducing, greasy, messy work...especially when you have to hold on to the lube end of the gun. Getting to lock onto the zerk, and not worry about the coupler coming loose makes the job so much easier, less messy, and less stressful. The cost made me hesitate. The reality of what it does makes me think it was one of the most worthwhile purchases I've ever made. I'd do it again (and probably will) in a second, if I need to.
Game Changer I must say I was skeptical because it looked to big in diameter to get into U-joints and other spaces, and I have fought grease Zerks for so long I just thought it was to good to be true. Well it is true that this is a game changer, locks on perfectly and even at an off angle of about 10 degrees, that frees up a hand to do whatever you need it to do, I used this with my battery grease gun. so I could hold a flashlight or whatever. the even better part is when I serviced my 18 ft triple deck bat wing mower that has almost 100 zerks it used to take at time 4 hours, 4 tubes of grease and a roll of paper towels. I was able to fly through it using less than 2 tubes of grease 4 individual paper towels and less than 2 hours, there was no waste, no fighting zerks, no messy grease everywhere. and the tip fit easily into U-joints and drive shafts ect. If you don't have one of these yet your missing out.
Good investment My backhoe has around 50 grease fittings. It normally takes 45-50 minutes to grease and almost always costs me grease on my jeans. With the Lock and Lube my time to grease the backhoe cut to around 15-20 minutes. Beside the fact no grease on my jeans. Try to hold the end of grease gun hose fitting with left hand. Then put the canister on my left thigh to hold and pump with my right hand. This time, place the Lock and Lube on the zerk fitting and pump with both hands . So easy! I wish I would have done this years ago.
Great for getting u joint zerks as long as you can see them... somewhat difficult to feel the locknlube tip onto any zerk that isnt visible, maybe just need more practice with it, but when its on there, NO leaks! That’s what i got it for and releases easily when done. I have mine installed on a Dewalt cordless grease gun and use it for my logging truck was able to get it onto every zerk on the unit.
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