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Credit Payment Terms

Our Credit Payment Terms

90% of small business owners and e-commerce sellers stress about their cash flow. As we all know, good payment terms are a key to growing your business quickly, so we provide better terms than other companies to help our clients.

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30% Deposit, Balance Against Bill of Lading

This is the simplest and most common kind of payment. You pay a 30% deposit to start production. When the cargo arrives at the port in your country, you pay the balance. Then we will send you the bill of lading, which you will take to customs to pick up your goods.

Sea shipment only

10–30 days to pay balance after delivery

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Many Chinese suppliers provide traditional importers with an O/A payment term, which allows you to pay the balance after receiving goods. We also support O/A as long as you clear the import customs in the name of your company with good credit.

With these terms, you pay a 30% deposit to start production. Then, you pay the balance within 30-60 days after your goods are shipped.

Credit up to $100,000
Balance payment credit period of up to 60 days

Better Credit Payment Terms for Our Long-term Clients

Flexible Credit Payment Term

If the buyer don't have your own companies , or can't declare bulk import officially, O/A payment is not available to you. To such status, we offer better payment terms to support your business.

Depending on your business modes, cooperative time, and quantities of goods, we can either reduce the deposit to less than 30% or offer a credit period of up to 30 days.

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Growth Capital to Scale Your Business

You might have a good start on your e-commerce business, but need funds to prepare stock and run ads. We've partnered with companies that provide e-commerce businesses with risk-free loans.

We evaluate your online store, including revenue and business credit. Then, we can deploy loans ranging from $5K to $2M and collect a percentage of repayment (estimated 1–20%) based on your future turnover. Also, you can get a 20% discount on our service fee if you use the loan.

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