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Photography & Graphic Design

Pictures are vital in eCommerce selling. Finding designers on Fiverr and Upwork is expensive and time-consuming. Flamingo’s in-house photographer and designers can efficiently create quality images and videos at a better price.

Basic Product Photography

If you use our Pro plan and order over $1,000 for each product, we will provide five white background product photos from different angles for free.

For orders between $500 and $1,000 for each product under the Pro plan, we will provide three free photos.

For more photos, we charge $5 each.

Premium Product Photography

Unlike basic product photos, our designers can use any props you want in the premium photos (there are extra charges for props). And they will edit the photos with Photoshop, making them of higher quality.

The price starts at $20. Inquire for a quote.

Lifestyle Product Photography

It usually costs $200–$500 to hire models and rent sets for lifestyle photos.

If that’s expensive for you, our designers can composite your product into a stock image with Photoshop and make it look realistic (we’ve paid royalties for all the material), starting at just $50.

Basic & Lifestyle Product Videos

We can create any type of product video with a white background or in a lifestyle setting.

We create the scenes in our own studio and use Photoshop to fulfill all your needs. Product videos are usually over 15 seconds. The price starts at $5—$10 per second, depending on the complexity of your video.

Graphic Design

Product Description Image​

Our designer will add the product attributes from the manufacturer to the white background images, making sure your customers fully understand your products.

The price starts at $20. Inquire for a quote.

Label & Manual Design

We can help you design the perfect label for your product. An eye-catching product label can help differentiate your products from your competitors’ products. 

Also, we can help you with the manual. A good manual will help your customers understand how to use your product correctly. 

If you need this service, convey your idea to our designer, who will make your vision come true. The price starts at $30. Inquire for a quote.

Packaging Design

Just give us all the copywriting on the packaging and the packaging style you want.

Our designers will help you design a similar packaging style and modify it until you are satisfied. We can also provide the packaging template for free. 

The price starts at $50.Inquiry for a quote.

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