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Sourcing Industry-Secret China Suppliers Behind Word-wide Power Tools & Power Products Brands

The Value of Pro Service

We follow up on your production for 20–60 days and help you coordinate with factories to ensure products and packaging meet your requirements.
We do the final product inspection (Level Ⅱ, AQL2.5) and arrange your shipment at the best rate.

Service Fees
Orders of more than $30k: 5%
$25k–$30k: 5.5%
$20k–$25k: 6%
$15k–$20k: 6.5%
$10k–$15k: 7%
$7k–$10k: 7.5%
$5k–$7k: 8%
$3k–$5k: 8.5%
$2k–$3k: 9%
$1k–$2k: 10%
Less than $1k: $100

The Value of Basic Service

We help you store goods in our warehouse for unlimited inspections at level Ⅱ, AQL 2.5.

If a defective product is found, we will represent you to negotiate with suppliers or hire workers to fix the defect.

In contrast, third party inspection companies only report failed or passed, instead of fixing problems.

If You Don't Have Suppliers Yet

Just tell our agent what products you want to buy, or how you want to develop and customize products. We will help you find the best-matching factory in China and get you the best prices and production plan. All these sourcing and consulting services are free.

Our agent will send you customized product samples. If you are satisfied with the price and sample quality, you can choose our Pro plan. Our agent will help you follow up on the mass production, inspect product quality, and arrange shipping to your country.

If You Have Suppliers Already

Use Our Suppliers

We provide more suppliers for free to compare with yours so you can choose the best one. If you want to use our suppliers, we can help you manage mass production, quality inspection, and international logistics with our Pro plan.

Use Your Suppliers
If you don’t want to have to communicate with your suppliers, you can still enjoy our Pro plan. Our agent will know your product needs and efficiently follow up on production without any delay.

If You Have Already Placed Orders With Your Suppliers
You can choose our Basic Plan. Our agent will help you store products from different suppliers in our warehouse, do quality inspections, and arrange international shipping.

Our Promise

Whether you choose the Pro or Basic plan, we will help you check product quality in proportion. When there are defective products, if you use  Flamingo Sourcing suppliers, we will be responsible for quality and directly compensate you. If you use your suppliers, we will help you negotiate with them until the issue is resolved.

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