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BG328-Presentation Brush cutter

BG328 Multi-Function Brush cutter Grass trimmer, make it Pole Saw, Water pump, Mini Tiller at same time

Hi, We are the Original Manufacturer of Brush cutters from China. If you are interested to import refer goods from China and Reselling them in Malaysia. Welcome to contact us.


Multi-Purpose Head Available!!!

Pole Saw, Water Pump, Tiller, Brush Cutter, Grass Eater...
Model BG328
Matched Engine 1E36F
Displacement(cc) 30.5
Mixed Fuel Ratio 30:1
Power (kw) 0.81
N.W/G.W(kg) 10.0/13.0
Fuel Tank Capacity (ml) 1200
Working Form Shoulder type
*Main Features:
  • -Special design for cutting grass purpose in any kind of environment.
  • -Also a very affordable brush cutter which every small garden should have.
  • -The spring mounting provides a better anti-vibration function.
  • -Lightweight machine able to provide a comfortable working experience.
  • -The replicated version of the origin Tanaka SUM328 Model.
  • -One of the most famous brush cutters in Malaysia because of its economic price.
  • -Spare parts are easy to find in the market.
  • -Suitable for those searching for home garden use and industrial use.

Our Customers In Shopee

Reviews From Market:

  1. Mesin sangat okay power . Tak gegar sbb tapak engine berspring , kadar guna minyak efisien , barang free gift lengkap . Mata menebas mesin perlu diasah sebelum guna .
  2. puas hati dpt brng dgn harga yg berbaloi .Barang boleh guna elok.
  3. Fantastic, realistic , bombastic machine...heavy duty machine...recommended bossku.

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