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Private Label

Private Label & Packaging Solutions

We can print logos and customize packaging for your products to differentiate them from your competitors’ products.

Our design team will offer you multiple solutions, and our agents will help you find a factory to complete them with a good price.

We Put Your Logo on Stuff

There are many logo-making processes, we can offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget, MOQ, and product materials.

We Have Various Solutions to Package Your Products

We Protect Your Margin with Patented Design

Make Your Product Defensible

A Patented Design Products that keep your brand away from Portfolio that low-barriers to entry and get flooded with a bunch of “I am cheaper” Chinese Brands

Benefits to Choose Flamingo

Lower MOQ

If you purchase a small number of products, the factory is generally not willing to help customize packaging.We can help you coordinate with the factory, or find our local packaging factories to customize the packaging for you in small batches.

Fair Price & Multiple Packing Solutions

Generally, the packagings provided by product factories are more expensive, and they have fewer packaging solutions for you. We have our own design team to offer you multiple packaging solutions, and fair price to fit your needs.

Product Bundling & Re-packaging

You may purchase various products from different suppliers. We can help you kit and assemble the related products and accessories into one set. Or help you repackage your products if you don’t like factory standard packagings.

1 By 1 Check

The product factory only focus on their products, and they won’t use extra labor to help you do extra things. We have our own warehouse and workers. We will check the product quality 1 by 1 and pick out the products with quality issues to ensure the defective rate is 0 when bundling products.

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