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PTS Wet Dry Blow Vacuum 3 in 1 Shop Vacuum Cleaner with More Than 18KPA Powerful Suction Great for Garage, Home, Workshop, Hard Floor and Pet Hair 8 Gallon Large Capacity 6 Peak Hp 1200W-1600W

About this item
【3 in 1 FUNCTION】With a wet, dry and blow motor, With a vacuum power of more than 18 KPA, it is capable of strongly removing hair, and other particles, from the ground as well as liquid and oil spills!
【EASY TO CONTROL VACUUM CLEANER】Control the suction power by adjusting the speed according to your need and work. With the rotated pushing handle set and side storage design, the wet vacuum cleaner is manufactured to ensure the working efficiency
【MULTI-PURPOSE】The wet dry and blow vacuum can be used together with wall sander, excavators, dry grinder, and so on. Use our powerful commercial vacuum for car wash, at hotel, warehouse, workshop and home
【1 YEAR WARRANTY 90DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】 We ensure you that this vacuum cleaner will satisfy all your needs and wants with efficiency as well as saving your time and energy because of it's large capacity and 3 stage filtration system.
Item Description    30L water filter vacuum cleaner(JN501)
    Voltage: 120V
    Input power: 1200W-1600w(Max 2000W for socket)
    Tank Material: 30L, PP
    Vacuum: >18Kpa
    Noise: <78dB
    Cable: 6m
    With socket for power tools
Accessories    Long-square brush-32mm, Crevice tool-32mm, Round brush-32mm, 2m 32mm hose, metal extension wands-32mm
Features    Water filtration circulation system
Reverse wind blow system
Wet and Dry Motor with high power and performance
Speed control switch
Lower noise
Two universal wheels(front) and two big wheels(rear)
With pressure release valve
Certificate    CE/GS/EMC/ROHS


 A powerful vacuum with a lot of features!
I am impressed with this powerful vacuum. My brother-in-law and I have a woodworking shop and yes we make a mess. With all of the saws, miter saws, routers, sanders, band saws, and other equipment you can imagine the sawdust. Most of the wood we work with is oak, walnut, and poplar. With all of the wood preparation and fine blade cutting the sawdust is everywhere and cleaning up the shop is important.

This vacuum has a lot of accessories, and it has a powerful suction motor to help pick up the dust and dirt that we can quickly generate. With the multiple types of filtrations, the vacuum helps to pick up the sawdust while helping clean up the air in the shop.

I usually do a video, but the product page has a very good video that is self-explanatory. 

Here are some of the features I liked:
? The vacuum comes with two large wheels on the back
? It comes with two swivel wheels that you have to insert into the vacuum for the front wheels.
? There is a pop-up handle on the back of the vacuum that makes it easy to move around. The unit is pretty heavy at about 45 pounds with all of the accessories.
? The black hose is 92 inches long.
? The vacuum hose is 9 feet and 3 inches long.
? The unit comes with 2 reusable dust bags and one is already installed in the unit.
? There is a HEPA filter installed in the unit. You can remove it when vacuuming up water and use the other front filter.
? There is a large floor sweeper for dry and wet use.
? There is a medium-sized floor sweeper for dry and wet use.
? A small T-brush
? A small nozzle
? A small cleaning brush
? 2 hose adapters

You can even put water into the bottom of the sweeper and it will push the exhaust air through the water to help remove fine dust and to purify the exhaust air.

I like this sweeper. It has powerful suction to clean up sawdust and pet hair. I rated it at 5 stars!
Works Great In My Wood Shop
I selected this product to use in my garage woodworking shop for sawdust extraction. I had previously been saving up for a Festool dust extractor, which is quite a bit more expensive than this one. I decided to order this one, and see how it went. From what I read from the manufacturer, it seemed like this dust extractor was more closely related to general cleaning, than sawdust collection. This review is specifically targeted towards woodworkers.

My first impression was that it is not overly bulky, and the wheels turn smoothly for me to drag it around my shop. I also love that it has a handle, which will lay down when not in use, which is great for storage.

I have primarily used it for my random orbital sander. The dust extractor came with a shop vac hose adapter, which I was able to use on my Festool 125 sander. It generally works perfectly on the sander. I have also been able to hook it up to my Wen portable planer, which generally worked quite well. With the planner, I did have an issue with the hose clogging up once, but that was easily resolved. The third thing that I have tried to hook it up to is my Festool Domino. It had no problems taking the wood chips from my Domino.

I love that it has a suction control knob on the unit, so you can customize the suction based on the tool you are using. For example, when I'm using my random orbital sander, I generally keep the suction at around 3, to try and avoid swirl marks.

Another feature that I love about this vacuum is, that you are able to plug your power tool directly into the unit. When the power tool is turned on, the vacuum automatically turns on a couple of seconds later. This is just a really convenient feature, that I personally appreciate.

As for the bag situation. This unit comes with two reusable bags. The bags seem to have great filtration. I have needed to empty the bags a couple of times, and have seen very little fine sawdust in the bottom of the unit. The bags are also very simple to empty. They have a zipper that runs along one side, which is great for a fast cleanout. I would say that emptying the bag and replacing it takes around 5 minutes if that. Plus I love that I'm not spending a bunch of money on bags.

As for the things which make me hesitant about this unit... As far as I can tell, It doesn't look like replacement parts are readily available. It also doesn't have additional vacuum attachments, like some of the big-name brands do. Thirdly, I'm afraid I'm not sure what I'm going to do when these two reusable bags bite the dust. Hopefully, if this manufacturer does well in sales, they will release some accessories for their vacuums, and replacement parts.
Overall, I actually really like this vacuum. I've been using it pretty consistently now for a few months, and I sure hope that it lasts me a few years. It has great suction, fantastic filtration, and it's just easy to use. It was a very welcome addition to my shop.

 Awesome Wet/Dry Vac

I needed a Wet/Dry vac to clean up some construction debris because the contractor left a mess. The suction power is adjustable and very good, The unit is lightweight and I was able to use it both up and downstairs. The attachments are very well made and easy to detach and attach. The attachment storage on the side of the unit made it easy to switch back and forth as I cleaned.


a unique vac, ...
The vac draws 1600 watts as per the manual, but 1200w as per the advertisement?? I think the 1200w is accurate, so it leaves some room for tool use through the vac, such as a sander. 
They also add a 3rd component of air filtration which is water at the bottom of the bin . Water is an excellent means to pull dirt from the air. But I have not tried this, as it's too messy for my use. They also provide a reversing button that changes the direction of the airflow to clear the bag and provide better suction, a nice feature, a few pumps make a difference when the bag is getting clogged.

Overall, a nicely built vac that is very versatile and if you really want clean exhaust, I think adding the water to further filter the exhaust might provide one of the best possible clean air solutions. it would be nice if the maker would test this and report their findings to better market the vac.

ideal for fine dust collection

This is a surprisingly unique vacuum. Tons of features. Probably more features than most need or want on a vacuum. The 3-stage filter – including an optional water filtration – will capture pretty much everything sucked into the machine. It's ideal for drywall and autobody sanding. While I've used a water filter before (even made my own), I've never actually seen one integrated into a consumer shop vac like this. Certainly not at this price.

The vacuum features variable motor speed control. Good for handheld sanding tools that don't actually need the full might of the vacuum for dust collection – in a lot of cases you're going to see better performance. Reducing motor speed also reduces power draw thereby offsetting the limited amps available to the pass-through auto-on-off-switch, though most sanding tools don't draw more than a couple of amps anyhow so staying under the ideal 13amps total for the tool (the vac uses ~10A) should be easy enough.

I personally don't use air tools that require dust collection so the pneumatic autosensing switch and the fancy 2-in-1 hose are extraneous for me (though I tested it and it works). It's not problematic, but I wouldn't include them in my ideal vacuum. I do like the electrical autosensing switch as this vacuum will be my go-to for using handheld dust/chip-producing power tools when I'm working in the shop or out on the driveway.
Review from Elite Demonstrations



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