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  • PTS Wet Dry Blow Vacuum 3 in 1 Shop Vacuum Cleaner with More Than 18KPA Powerful Suction Great for Garage, Home, Workshop, Hard Floor and Pet Hair 8 Gallon Large Capacity 6 Peak Hp 1200W

PTS Wet Dry Blow Vacuum 3 in 1 Shop Vacuum Cleaner with More Than 18KPA Powerful Suction Great for Garage, Home, Workshop, Hard Floor and Pet Hair 8 Gallon Large Capacity 6 Peak Hp 1200W

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24 x 23 x 15 inches
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39.5 pounds
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AMAZON BUYER Tracy D. Awesome Wet/Dry Vac I needed a Wet/Dry vac to clean up some construction debris because the contractor left a mess. The suction power is adjustable and very good, The unit is lightweight and I was able to use it both up and downstairs. The attachments are very well made and easy to detach and attach. The attachment storage on the side of the unit made it easy to switch back and forth as I cleaned.
Great even for the price. The obvious comparison for this machine would be the Festool dust collection system. While this machine is not inexpensive, if doesn't even come close to what you would pay for a Festool. If does have a lot of features that may make it one to be considered. If has a powerful 6 hp motor that is very strong. I don't know right off the bat what it compares to others but I can day that this machine can really put up some suction. I have used if in the shop as well as in the home aid have been very satisfied. If you intend to use if for home use it's good to know that this machine does hot have a beater bar to really pick up pet hair. This machine can also be configured to be a blower which is something most others can't do. If I were looking at this machine versus a Festool, I would recommend w Sitting down with the spec sheets and truly comparing the features to see if the more expensive machine is really worth it.
The first way this vacuum stands out is the noise level. At the lowest setting it still provides a good amount of suction, and I can easily hear the TV over it. It's a surprisingly quiet vacuum. It does go up significantly in power, and the sound level also increases, but it's still not as screechingly loud as the other wet/dry vacs I've used. The second way it stands out is the electric and air start. I've used shop vacs that I can plug tools in so it starts when I run the tool, but this is the first one I've seen that can power up with air tools. It's such a great idea I'm surprised I haven't seen it before. It works for electric power tools or air tools. The water filtration system is something I've never seen before. In the event that I'd be working with anything that's fine enough to make it's way through the filter, I can run all the debris through water to weigh it down and make sure it doesn't blow back out into the air. It's a great feature to have when I'm working in the garage and I don't want to blow fine dust all over the room. Where I really love this guy is just the strong power and the relatively small size. This thing has incredible suction that's better than the best shop vacs I've ever used. Overall a great vacuum.
A powerful vacuum with a lot of features! I am impressed with this powerful vacuum. My brother-in-law and I have a wood working shop and yes we make a mess. With all of the saws, miter saws, routers, sanders, band saws and other equipment you can imagine the saw dust. Most of the wood we work with is oak, walnut, and poplar. With all of the wood preparation and fine blade cutting the sawdust is everywhere and cleaning up the shop is important. This vacuum has a lot of accessories, and it has a powerful suction motor to help pick up the dust and dirt that we can quickly generate. With the multiple types of filtrations, the vacuum helps to pick up the sawdust while helping clean up the air in the shop. I usually do a video, but the product page has a very good video that is self-explanatory. The instruction manual in the box is very poorly written and it is almost not worth reading. It even specifies the wrong operating voltage for the vacuum. Here are some of the features I liked: • The vacuum comes with two large wheels on the back • It comes with two swivel wheels that you have to insert into the vacuum for the front wheels. • There is a pop-up handle on the back of the vacuum that makes it easy to move around. The unit is pretty heavy at about 45 pounds with all of the accessories. • The black hose is 92 inches long. • The vacuum hose is 9 feet and 3 inches long. • The unit comes with 2 reusable dust bags and one is already installed in the unit. • There is a HEPA filter installed in the unit. You can remove it when vacuuming up water and use the other front filter. • There is a large floor sweeper for dry and wet use. • There is a medium sized floor sweeper for dry and wet use. • A small T-brush • A small nozzle • A small cleaning brush • 2 hose adapters You can even put water into the bottom of the sweeper and it will push the exhaust air through the water to help remove fine dust and to purify the exhaust air. I like this sweeper. It has powerful suction to clean up sawdust and pet hair. I rated it at 5 stars!
good shop vacuum I have a woodworking garage full of saw dust. I need a shop vac and this item was available for review. It works well as advertised. I have no problems after running it for a few weeks. My only issue is the vacuum hose and the wand are WAY too SHORT that requires me stoop down to vacuum and to move the machine around. It has wheels so not real problem, but more of an annoyance the more I use it.
funbear (TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE) a unique vac, ... The vac draws 1600 watts as per the manual, but 1200w as per the advertisement?? I think the 1200w is accurate, so it leaves some room for tool use through the vac, such as a sander. They also add a 3rd component of air filtration which is water at the bottom of the bin . Water is an excellent means to pull dirt from the air. But I have not tried this, as it's too messy for my use. They also provide a reversing button that changes the direction of the airflow to clear the bag and provide better suction, a nice feature, a few pumps make a difference when the bag is getting clogged. Overall, a nicely built vac that is very versatile and if you really want clean exhaust, I think adding the water to further filter the exhaust might provide one of the best possible clean air solutions. it would be nice if the maker would test this and report their findings to better market the vac.
This is a professional 3 in 1 shop vac with EPIC Suction power!! I had nooooo idea that this was this high end pro level of a 3 in 1 shop vac when I got it. As soon as I opened the package I knew immediately that this is not a big box store low level but well known shop vac. The materials alone are highest quality. When you look at the connections and controls you cannot help but to observe the highest quality in engineering and function. As with any great tool, you can just FEEL the excellence but when you USE it, that is when the excellence shines through. No matter how I am using this, I never cease to be amazed and pleased with this excellent tool.
Great vacuum I usually don't get real excited about a vacuum cleaner. As appliances go, they are just not that breath taking. Using this PTS vacuum I have found that a really good, well thought out vacuum cleaner can actually inspire you to clean more stuff. For my purposes, the PTS vacuum is just a really good wet/dry shop vac. I forgot that it has 3 stage filtering for dust and dirt including a high end vacuum bag, a HEPA filter, and water (as the 3rd stage filtering) I just don't care as I'm not vacuuming a hospital, just my shop. I rarely cut wood to make a lot of dust but I can see where this vacuum would be a good one for such things. My business is machining metal so what I need is a durable vacuum that can suck all of the metal chips and excess coolant off my machines and off the floor. That is pretty much it. This machine shines doing those tasks. The amount of suction is controllable by adjusting the speed of the motor. Why is this a big deal? Because I currently have 2 higher end shop vacuums that produce tremendous amounts of suction but it's not controllable. I also use 4 x 6 foam mats in front of each machine (it makes standing on concrete more comfortable) and during the machining process they get a lot of chips thrown off the machine and onto the mats. No matter what I do, when I try to vacuum the mats the overpowered vacuums will try to suck them up along with the chips to the point I have to cut the vacuum off so the machine will release my floor coverings and stop dragging them around the floor. I expected the same from the PTS but when I dialed back the suction I could efficiently pick up all the chips off the mats without disturbing the mats at all. Accomplishing that task made me want to clean up elsewhere in the shop because, finally, it was just too easy. The vacuum comes with a horrible set of instructions, a couple of pretty nice hand held attachments, and 2 floor sweepers (one for carpet, and the other for hard floors). There are provisions for dust removal from certain wood cutting tools and a port for high pressure air. There is also an electric port to sync the vacuum with a steam attachment (not included). An extra bag and a 'wet' filter to replace the HEPA filter when vacuuming liquids is also included. I could not find any info on the PTS brand, however, I did email the seller for some clarification from the manual and they responded quickly and cordially. Vacuum cleaners don't really excite me, but this one has earned a place in my shop as a very useful tool.
AMAZON BUYER nathan VINE VOICE ideal for fine dust collection This is a surprisingly unique vacuum. Tons of features. Probably more features than most need or want on a vacuum. The 3-stage filter – including an optional water filtration – will capture pretty much everything sucked into the machine. It's ideal for drywall and autobody sanding. While I've used a water filter before (even made my own), I've never actually seen one integrated into a consumer shop vac like this. Certainly not at this price. The vacuum features variable motor speed control. Good for handheld sanding tools that don't actually need the full might of the vacuum for dust collection – in a lot of cases you're going to see better performance. Reducing motor speed also reduces power draw thereby offsetting the limited amps available to the pass-through auto-on-off-switch, though most sanding tools don't draw more than a couple of amps anyhow so staying under the ideal 13amps total for the tool (the vac uses ~10A) should be easy enough. I personally don't use air tools that require dust collection so the pneumatic autosensing switch and the fancy 2-in-1 hose are extraneous for me (though I tested it and it works). It's not problematic, but I wouldn't include them in my ideal vacuum. I do like the electrical autosensing switch as this vacuum will be my go-to for using handheld dust/chip-producing power tools when I'm working in the shop or out on the driveway.
Great vacuum with lots of features So this is really a five star vacuum but the instructions are SO poor, I have to lower it to 3 stars. The instructions don't bother to cover all the features and are written so poorly, that even the features they cover aren't easily understood. However, it's an excellent vacuum cleaner. I actually ordered this for the pneumatic features, too-- so that's important once I figure out how to use it. All the parts included are not included in the instructions. I easily connected the main hose (there are two hoses, only one is listed on the parts section) to the vacuum and tested it-- it works well, with a variable control dial. That makes this a five star vacuum. I attached the wheels-- it moves easily and smoothly. The basic vacuum attachments are easy to use-- and the metal accessory is fantastic with a built in extension-- making it really easy to vacuum the ceiling fan, any dust hanging off the upper walls, etc. However, it also comes with the pneumatic features and a hose with two pneumatic attachments. I have no idea yet how to use that because it's barely mentioned in the instructions, and there are no videos that discuss it. I'll figure that part out, but I am dismayed that such an expensive vacuum has such poor instructions. The manual LOOKED like it would be thorough, but it's awful. The manual itself deserves one star. It appears that this is a good machine, though, so I decided to leave it at four rather than three, only because the machine itself is excellent and as long as the other features do wind up working, it's definitely a good product.
Many features; capable vacuum This vacuum has a lot of interesting features. I'll start with the basic operating modes. If you connect a hose to the top vacuum connection, the air is pulled through a fairly large reusable filter bag. (The unit comes with a bag installed, and an extra is included. The bag appears to be proprietary, so you probably have to depend on the manufacturer for replacements.) After passing through the filter bag, air is drawn through the lower tub, through the vacuum motor, and exits through a HEPA filter. You can optionally put a few inches of water in the lower tub. This will cause the air to be bubbled through the water to remove fine dust. There is a second vacuum opening on the front of the unit. Remove the plug from this opening and place it in the top opening. The front opening is used for picking up liquids. When doing so, you should replace the HEPA filter with the supplied foam filter. You can also use the front vacuum opening to pick up dry stuff by fitting a paper filter bag on the inside fitting of the lower connection. No disposable filter bags are provided, but I found that bags for my "ShopVac" brand vacuum fit this unit. Like many "premium" shop vacuums, this one has an electrical plug on its front. You can plug in a tool there, and the vacuum will automatically switch on and off when to connected tool is switched on and off. There are also NPT-type air fittings on the top of this vacuum. The idea is that you can connect a pneumatic tool with the air supply passing through the vacuum, and the vacuum will switch on and off when you use the air tool. In addition to the "regular" vacuum hose, this kit includes a second hose with an embedded air hose. Using this special hose, you can get dust pickup and air to a pneumatic tool. Connecting any vacuum to anything other than the manufacturer-supplied accessories can be a challenge. The hoses supplied with the unit use a proprietary connector on the vacuum cleaner end. The supplied hoses are only about 6 1/2 feet long. For many purposes, a longer hose is more convenient. Furthermore, I wanted to be able to couple this vacuum with my Rockler dust separator. That captures most of the dust and debris and saves a lot of vacuum bags. The hose attachment to this cleaner is proprietary, but the hose itself is widely used 1 1/4" material. An extra connector is included that can be threaded onto the end of a third-party hose. I had a spare, longer hose that I bought for a "ShopVac-brand" unit. I replaced the existing connector with the extra that came with this unit. The tool end of the supplied hose works with "ShopVac" accessories and vice versa. Now I can connect this vacuum to my power tools using the variety of adapters I have on hand. As I said, the vacuum hose is shorter than I would like. About 10 feet would be ideal for me, but I worked around that. There is a metal extension tube included. I like that the length is adjustable, but its maximum length is too short for me. I'm 5'11", and I find myself bending over to use one of the floor attachment. This vacuum has a stepless speed control. At the lowest setting this unit is very quiet. At the highest setting it is like a typical shop vacuum -- in other words, it's loud. The attached handle is convenient for moving the unit around, and the handle folds out of the way for storage. The components of the vacuum itself seem well-made and of good quality. The accessories are a bit better than what you would get with a home center shop vacuum -- serviceable but not great. The user guide documentation is poor. It's incomplete and poorly translated. It does a disservice to an otherwise good product to include poor documentation. The video in the product ad reveals features that are not apparent from the user guide. A small investment in quality documentation would be helpful. Overall, this is a good addition to my workshop.
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