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Amazon FBA Solutions

Amazon FBA Solutions

We can help you find superior suppliers, manage supply chains in China, and arrange logistics. In addition to million-dollar companies, we’ve also helped many startups source their first products and successfully launch their businesses.

Multiple Private Label & Packaging Ideas

Low MOQ, tight budgets, and the difficulty of finding well-matched suppliers on Alibaba can make it hard to develop your brand products. We’re here to help you, 

Alter materials, sizes, and colors based on existing products
Develop brand new products according to your 3D designs
Customize packaging to stand out from your competitors
Kit and bundle products to generate more sales

1-by-1 Quality Inspection

As an Amazon seller, getting bad reviews because of product quality issues can be fatal. Inspection companies and suppliers can check 20–30% of your boxes but they’ll only tell you whether the result is a fail or pass.

We can inspect your items one by one for just a small labor fee. We’ll identify every defective item and request the Chinese factory to fix it.

Low-cost Amazon FBA Labeling

The Amazon FBA label service fee is $0.55 per unit and that of the 3rd party is $0.2–$0.3 per unit. We can add labels for $5 per hour, which is much more cost-effective. The labels include:

FNSKU label
Shipping label
Warning sticker
Other labels Amazon requires

Flexible Transportation to Amazon Warehouse

Logistics costs can eat into your profits, and being out of stock hurts your product listing. We arrange your shipment at the best shipping rate.

Our freight forwarders handle the customs clearance to ensure that your goods arrive at the Amazon warehouse safely and on time.

In addition to European and American countries, we provide cost-effective shipping to India, Australia, the Middle East, and Singapore.

High-quality Amazon Product Photography

Selling products is all about photos. Good visuals say more and faster. Our experienced photographers and designers help you create hero photos, lifestyle images, infographics, and video clips. It’s more cost-saving to use our service than it is to hire your own designers. It also saves you time because we can finish shooting as we source products for you.

We offer 3–5 white background product photos for free if you use our Pro Plan.

Free Storage in China for 1-2 months

Amazon storage is expensive. And during peak season, sellers have limited storage capacity in Amazon warehouses. We offer free storage for 1–2 months in China for your convenience.

To reduce Amazon storage fees, we can store some of your products in our warehouse and send them to the Amazon FBA warehouse in batches at different times when you need replenishment.

Supply Chain Management for Big Amazon Sellers

Big Amazon sellers and Amazon aggregators have regular suppliers in China. However, they don’t want to spend a lot of time contacting suppliers or setting up sourcing departments in China due to high costs.

We offer a service fee as low as 5% or a fixed monthly fee of $5,000 to hire our full-time agent (for 200 hours per month). We can manage your existing supply chain, place orders, inspect goods, and arrange logistics.

If you’re not satisfied with your existing suppliers, we can help you find better suppliers with competitive prices.

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