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  • TNT Drywall Electric Sander Machine - Handheld Disc Sander Power Tools with Pole Extension, Dust Collector Bag and Vacuum Attachment

TNT Drywall Electric Sander Machine - Handheld Disc Sander Power Tools with Pole Extension, Dust Collector Bag and Vacuum Attachment

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Item specifics

Item Weight:
‎14.12 pounds
Product Dimensions:
‎43.7 x 11.42 x 8.27 inches
Country of Origin:
Item model number:
Power Source:
‎110 Volts (DC)
‎810 watts
Amperage Capacity:
‎8 Amps
Type of Bulb:
Measurement System:
Customer Reviews:
4.0 out of 5 stars
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Item Dimensions LxWxH
43.7 x 11.42 x 8.27 inches
110 Volts (DC)
Power Source
Amperage Capacity
8 Amps
Maximum Rotational Speed
2100 RPM
  • PRO GRADE; Our electric sanders are crafted to the highest standards with each sanding machine undergoing stringent examination and hundreds of hours of development in consultation with power tool experts; The Pro Tools Solutions promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the drywall sander with vacuum attachment ourselves, we won’t sell it
  • LESS MESS; Our power sander features a dust collection bag, extreme suction as well as a a vacuum hose and adaptor for an industrial Shop Vac machine; For premium sander tools that are strong on suction, but low on mess, our drywall disc sander puts the competition to shame
  • STRONG; This drywall sander is engineered for making light work of even the most challenging jobs; The Pro Tools Solutions orbital sander features super durable design crafted from rock solid materials; When you need drywall tools for a professional, job, trust only Pro Tools Solutions
  • WITH GRUNT; This drywall rotary sander features an adjustable RPM of 1,000 to 2,100 as well as a powerful 8 Amp head mounted motor; Better yet, we’ve included a set of six sanding discs as well as a detachable sanding pad cover to effortlessly work on 90 degree angles
  • LED LIGHTS; See what you’re doing with a professional drywall finishing tool that features 60 super bright LED lights around the sanding head; What’s more, get better reach with the extendable arm of this wall sander extending up to 5 feet; Our drywall sander machine also has a convenient hook and loop base to make loading the sander block super easy


Product description


At Pro Tools Solutions, we seamlessly merge cutting-edge drywall tools with premium design principles. Each sander machine features a super strong 8 Amp motor and variable RPM of between 1,000 to 2,100. Our drywall finishing tools are crafted to meet the highest standards that thousands of Pro Tools Solutions customers have come to expect from us.

With bright LED lights that let you see exactly what you’re doing, our drywall sander is second to none.

Each electric sander is rigorously examined before it leaves the factory. If our drywall power sander doesn’t meet the highest standards, then we don’t sell it, simple as that!

sander orbital drywall tools sanders woodworking

The Professional Drywall Sander you Need

Each Pro Tools Solutions sanding machine has been engineered to the highest standards. With six adjustable speeds, a 5 ft extension handle as well as hoop and loop base, our sanding tools undergo hundreds of hours of research and development in consultation with construction professionals. For professional-grade electric sanders, that make light work of any sanding job, look no further than Pro Tools Solutions drywall sanders

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Ultra Bright LED Illumination

Poor lighting conditions are no longer a problem with our orbital sander. This drywall finishing tool features 60 powerful LED lights encircling the head of the drywall vacuum sander, allowing you to get the job done in any light conditions. Pro Tool Solutions’ electric drywall sanders improve the safety of your working conditions to easily let you see what you’re working on.

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For Hard to Reach Places

No matter how tall you are, this drywall sander with vacuum attachment lets you get those hard-to-reach places. We’ve built in an advanced telescopic extension allowing you to reach any surface; This drywall sander is ideal for shorter people. Just extend the handle to the desired length and lock it in place. No need for an extra drywall sander pole, easily work on the ceiling and get smooth results fast.

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With Smart Vacuum Bag

This Pro Tools Solutions drywall vacuum sander includes a rip-proof dust collection bag that easily straps to your back. Save time on cleanup and reduce mess with this drywall power sander. Better still, Pro Tool Solutions drywall sanders with vacuum attachments come with a bonus 6-foot extension hose and adaptors that allow you to connect to an industrial Shop-Vac vacuum.

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Rapid Swap Sanding Discs

This drywall sander with dust collector features a clever hoop and loop configuration which allows you to quickly change sanding discs. Our drywall orbital sander tool helps you get the job done fast. In addition to a professional grade motor, this wall sander also features ultra strong suction that minimises mess and won’t let dust escape

pole best attachment finishing wall dual dust bag

Ready to Use Right out of the Box

Our drywall finishing tools leave you wanting nothing. Here’s what’s included:

● 1 professional drywall sander

● 12 sanding discs

● 1 carry bag

● 1 dust extraction hose (6.5ft)

● 1 universal hose adapter for shop vac

● 2 carbon brushes

● 1 dust collection bag

● 1 hex wrench

● 1 user manual

Product information

    Additional Information

    Wattage :

    810 watts

    Bulb Voltage :

    110 volts_of_direct_current

Recent Reviews ( 9 )
Not bad at all! So there is some of these "name brand" machines that cost $750 and up. To me that is ridiculous! This electric sander works just as well but at a fraction of the cost. It is made nice and solid, has a little weight to it but nothing that will keep you from doing the job. Works pretty good and is very easy to use. For the price this is definitely a must have.
Works great It cut my time sanding the walls in 4 rooms and I was done in less than 3 hours
Works great I have been dreading painting my daughters room because she had wall paper. after stripping wallpaper i could see that not only would i have to sand the walls but would need to skim coat and sand again to get a good paintable surface. when i saw this pole sander i jumped at it. took me a few minutes to become accustomed to it and the way to handle it but once i figured it out this turned a week long project into a weekend. it only took that long because i had to wait for drying time on the skim coat. was actually painting the room by Sunday midday. very happy with this sander and very happy to have it as part of my ability as a home owner.
Great time saver for painting projects I was offered this for review and I haven't ever noticed a sander on a stick existed before. I have redone one room with popcorn ceilings and I haven't moved on to a second room because of the mess it made. This does what it says it does - it will sand down the ceiling much easier than doing it by hand. You still need to prep the room a bit. Even though it makes less mess, it does make a bit of a mess. I needed to wear a mask and there will be dust. It gives me about 5 feet of extra height so I can reach most of my ceilings without a ladder. That saves quite a bit of time.
work pretty well i like it is worth the money
Seems good, will get the job done. This is an interesting machine. It will likely get the job done fine for you, but there are some quirks. First off, yes, everything in the pictures does come with it. The sanding disks seem to be of a decent quality, so you won't need to run out to buy more within the first few minutes of operating it. It has a soft-start for the motor, which should help you if you're doing a job hooked up to a generator. Like all new-build contractors will do. Or if you're renovating a house that doesn't yet have it's own power. I can't say that I've had any power tools that just came with it, so it felt weird. But it's a good thing. Once the motor starts spinning at full speed, like a second after pulling the trigger, it has plenty of power to get the job done. I appreciate that they used the handle and extension for dust collection. It's one extra hose to get in the way of things. It comes with it's own dust collection bag too, so you don't *need* to have a shopvac running. Again, that'll be very useful for limited power worksites, or if you're climbing ladders to reach a high spot in a high ceiling room. Getting it up on the ceiling and walls are good enough. But the grips feel weird. Like they're in the wrong orientation or something. They're exactly as shown in the manual and on the listing, but it feels backwards. The extension pole didn't go into the main body very easily. Even with the screw unscrewed, my partner had to jam a flat screwdriver in the gap to spread it so the extension would go in. I'm sure it'd be easier with 3 or 4 hands, but us 2-handed people find it difficult. The good part of that is, once it's in, it doesn't feel like it'll move on it's own. It does come with a couple extra brushes for the motor. Brushed motors will wear on the brushes over time. That's just a thing. But by the time they need to be replaced, you'll likely have lost them. There's no extra pocket in the storage bag, so they're just laying in the bottom of mine. We'll see if they get lost before I need them. If not, they look like the others I have for other tools, so I'm sure it won't be hard to find replacements.
Purchased as a gift for my drywall/taper boyfriend. He LOVES this sander! Same weight as his old one, with bright (seriously BRIGHT) lights and an attached vacuum bag. He says it works extremely well, and the lights are a huge help!
work pretty well i like it is worth the money
I hate sanding after doing drywall. This makes it a lot easier and does an excellent job! That is doing ceilings. But I’ve learned to dump it in the trash as soon as I finish a ceiling
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