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PTS Grease Gun Attachment for Cordless Drill Transform an Impact Driver or Drill into a Battery Operated, Electric Powered Grease Gun - with Adapter Accessories Kit, Cartridge, Hose and Pump Fitting

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‎4.85 pounds
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‎17.32 x 5.91 x 3.54 inches
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‎Gun Attachement&Coupler
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Features & details

  • CORDLESS GREASE GUN; Transform any cord operated or cordless drill, impact driver or impact wrench into an electric grease gun with this smart grease pump adapter from PTS; Simply mount the grease gun cartridge to the drill, attach the grease gun hose and your battery grease gun is ready to use
  • STRONG; This grease gun attachment from PTS features rock solid design crafted from durable materials; This grease gun adapter kit is designed to be super tough and withstand the most demanding jobs; When you need a cordless grease gun that will hold up under any conditions, choose this adapter from PTS
  • QUALITY; Each grease gun kit has undergone stringent quality inspection and hundreds of hours of development with leading industrial designers; This battery-powered grease gun attachment is crafted to the highest standards; The PTS promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the grease gun accessories ourselves, we won’t sell them
  • LARGE CAPACITY; Our drill adapters for electric grease guns hold up to 14oz or 400cc of grease; You can load the grease gun grease tube with your own grease or even use an off the shelf grease tube; With a 0,25” hex shank and a recommended 4,000 PSI this electric grease solution is strong enough for any job
  • VERSATILE; People love our heavy duty grease gun adapters because they are easy to use and speed up your work; Lube up joints and hinges for marine, agricultural, construction and industrial machinery with this automatic grease gun adapter for cordless drills.It fit Cartridge
  • RETURN POLICY: You can require a 100% Money-Back once you suffer a quality issue within the first 90DAYS. And we would not require you to send back the broken Grease gun adapter. 
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!: If you suffer quality issues within 24 months, we would deliver you a brand new  Grease gun adapter as a free replacement after-sales service. Just message our team on service@flamingotoolsusa.com pls. 


Product description

grease gun marine tips lock n lube bearing packer

Transform Your Drill into an Electric Grease Gun

Gone are the days of an expensive standalone grease gun. Transform almost any cord-powered or cordless drill, impact driver or impact wrench into a battery powered grease gun with this smart electric grease gun adapter from PTS. Simply mount the grease gun tube to your power tool, attach the grease gun hose and your battery grease gun is ready for use.

mini guns oil kit battery powered air fittings 

Hassle Free Greasing

We’ve taken the headache away from lubing machinery and tools with this battery operated grease gun attachment. Because our mountable grease gun cartridge can be fixed to almost any cordless drill, this opens up a range of lube solutions that were otherwise impossible. Get more work done faster with this heavy duty grease gun adapter from PTS.

coupler cordless hose electric pneumatic locks 

For Demanding Jobs

This grease cartridge adapter for cordless drills is engineered to get the job done, no matter how tough the conditions. Our automatic grease gun solution features a 0,25” hex drive shank, has a recommended 4,000 PSI operating range and a maximum load limit of 8,000 PSI. Regardless of how demanding the job is, our grease gun electric adapter is up to the challenge.

tools power lube greasing machines industrial 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Gone are the days of manually pumping grease to lube your machinery. This grease gun cordless adapter from PTS makes light work of a previously difficult task. Lubricate hinges, grease up joints and easily apply grease to any moving part with this smart grease gun battery powered adapter.

small tubes wheel fitting accessories cartridge

Powerful Performance You Can Rely On

Our grease gun battery operated adapter for cordless drills is the ideal solution for a range of situations. Use our adapter for battery operated grease guns to lubricate heavy machinery, automotive equipment and even agricultural tools. With a cordless drill, you can even use it to apply marine grease without having to worry about dangerous electrical cables.

automotive needle operated pump holder greese

Faster Greasing than Manual Pumping

Say goodbye to applying grease by hand with this battery grease gun adapter for cordless power tools. With a generous 14oz (400cc) capacity, this clever adapter puts the power of cordless grease guns back in your hands. Make light work any lube job and increase your productivity with this clever grease gun battery operated solution from PTS, the leaders in power tools

Protection To Flamingo Tools Buyers

VIP-  90Days Money Back-Guarantee (You can require money-back within 90days, Free return, Or We could deliver you a brand new tools as replacement if you suffer quality issue within first 90days)

VIP-  24months Warranty for this Grease Gun adapter.

Recent Reviews ( 59 )
Takes the strain out of servicing my mower deck and steering. Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2022 Verified Purchase Like this product a lot. Makes it easier to service my tractor (used it once so far). Great when your on your back trying to pump grease and hold the tip on fitting, eliminates the need for a third hand. Hint: buy the 90-degree fitting adapter!
Satisfied, it works Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2022 Verified Purchase Seems to work well. Sure cheaper than buying a grease gun that costs $300-$400+!
Better than a manual grease gun-but slower Set-up is easy. I used one of my older Craftsman cordless drills as the sacrificial tool. I don't want to disconnect it every time it is used. Here are some tips: * Install a grease cartridge *before* you test this with a drill. It will aid in retaining prime in the unit. * There is a small brass knob at the grease tube head. Open it slightly. It is a priming port and grease will come out after it is primed. Close the knob and use the tool. * You will know the tool is working when you here it pulsating. * Grease application is slower than pumping a good grease gun, but not as tiring. * I did NOT use the grease nozzle or flexible tubing that came in this kit. Instead, I used a longer flex tube (USA) and heavy-duty quick-release tip. Once locked onto the zerk, this type of nozzle stays in place, unlike standard grease tips. * This unit with a drill isn't light. I found that balancing it on my knee was helpful and less tiring.
It fits my dewalt 20 volt gun The gun works really well for now I haven’t had it long enough to know the durability yet and it is easy to attach to my dewalt guns and easy to install grease
Slippery subject! The idea of using your own impact or drill to power this grease gun is a great idea and fit. Who wants another battery charger and more different batteries from another cordless tool??? Works great , I use it to grease my Cat track loader and mini excavator. If I have to list one improvement for it , it would be nice if the drill clamp was adjustable for the length of drill or impact being used.
It’s real heavy,,,FOR ME . BUT works excellent
LOVE IT! makes it a lot easier and quicker Used it outside in Jan with snow on the ground
Good tool to have!@ Works well for me!
Husband loved it.Very well made.
Works great and easy to use.
Good unit works as described This is a good unit and does everything as described. I go through about 1-2 tubes of grease a week with about 2-5 pumps per zerk so this is great for my use. I have a couple of older 18v desalt driver/impacts that I haven’t been using figured great use for them and it is. I found it hooked up to the impact pretty easy, I tried it on 2 different models of dealt and one Milwaukee and all hooked up well. It definitely worked at getting the grease into zerks and even a couple plugged ones. It bled the air out very quickly. I have had a few tubes ran through it and has been very consistent. It is easy to load. Only negative I could find with it was I wish it would allow the power tool to be slipped in and out without tools so i could just carry a single impact driver and swap from grease gun to bit easier. I do wish it has a boost system so it could go to a higher pressure for a couple of pumps but that is just my wish. Great tool great value.
Awesome Tool Had it for a few days now, this is one of those tools, where you think why havent I had this. Lastly I added a Grease gun coupler to it as well which thats another tool I wouldnt go without again.
I bought this because I formerly was using a mini Lucas Oil brand manual grease gun to lubricate my John Deere 3025. Then I bought another, larger, tractor and a new tandem axel trailer and realized this was insanity. So I took the plunge and bought this tool. My one major recommendation is to buy a Grease gun coupler as it's a perfect compliment to this tool.and I glad I did.
This thing has been a life saver! Huge relief on tired hands, and it's convenient. There's two things that bother me though.
Worth It! What used to take a half hour to do with a manual greaser now takes about 5 minutes with this device. Highly recommend!
So far so good.. I got this for my husbands birthday and he LOVES it! He’s a logger so he’s constantly greasing equipment so I figured it was time he upgraded from a hand pump grease gun to this. It’s easy to use and quick to pump grease out. He’s very happy with it. Good value for the money spent.
This seems to be built very good. I saw reviews where people complained about how long it took to prime. What I've found is if you get the air out of the grease tube and get the grease in the inlet hole then it primes in less than 6 pumps. If you don't, then it will seem like it won't ever prime. But once it is primed, if works very good. It seems to deliver slightly less grease per pump than my manual gun, but I simply hold the trigger a little longer. I am now able to grease my equipment much faster than using a manual gun. The hose length is actually long enough to get the job done, but I will be buying a longer one to make it even easier. The price is roughly half of a dedicated machine, but I bought it mainly because I didn't want to buy more batteries. This way, I only buy batteries for my current cordless drills.
Real nice grease job. Worked well after air pockets are gone
wanted a grease gun option that could be used to lubricate dozens of lubricating points on my motorhome without needing to hand pump a grease gun, which is exhausting. I considered a pneumatic grease gun option, but I decided on this PTS Grease Gun attachment instead since it would be more portable. I have several cordless drills on hand, so I permanently mounted a drill to this device instead of continually installing and uninstalling one. The kit comes with much more than I anticipated when it was ordered. Included is the grease gun unit, 12” flexible hose, recessed fitting coupler, 5.5” steel extension, zerk coupler, lubricating nozzle, 1-5/8” and 2-1/2” drive shanks, 2-1/2” and 3” attachment screws, and a manual. I was not anticipating receiving the recessed fitting coupler and steel extension, which are a real plus for me when greasing hard to reach fittings on the motorhome. This spring-loaded coupler also makes a very positive connection onto zerk fittings. The lubricating nozzle is a plus too, and helpful in squirting grease into various areas where a zerk fitting is not used. Installing a cordless drill onto the grease gun is fairly easy. There is an adjustable tool holder, made of steel, that is clamped to the gun, and to the drill, with an attachment screw. The gun includes an allen key, attached to the gun in a holder, that is used to adjust the screw. To attach a drill, you select from one of the two lengths of drive shanks and attachment screws that best fits the drill, fasten the shank into the drill, position the drill onto the gun ensuring that the shank is properly fastened to the gun, then slide the tool holder along the tube to a position that best clamps the drill, and tighten the attachment screw. The attachments needed for the job being performed are then attached to the grease gun. Operating the gun is as simple as pulling the trigger on the cordless drill. It is important that the drill is operated in the forward direction, not reverse. After attaching the gun to the fitting, pressing the trigger pumps grease. Pressing and holding the trigger does not pump a continuous stream of grease, instead, it pumps in squirts. This action is similar to the normal hand pumping action. This may be because of the need to build up pressure, but I am only guessing. I have only used the grease gun to grease a swivel bearing on a motorized cart, but it performed well. I will update this review if the gun does not do a satisfactory job with a more demanding fitting, such as my motorhome’s suspension system.
I'm an independent trucker so I don't like buying junk that said this grease gun works perfect and its built tough. so i give it a yes i like it now no grease gun i ever owned will bust through blocked fittings from not greasing weekly i had 2 fittings on the trailer I just bought were blocked and a little heat from my propane torch and it busted through no problem. also I had no problem priming the gun if you never primed a grease gun the first time watch a video.
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